Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment


Why Anti Termite is Performed or done?

The pre-constructional soil treatment must be applied up to the plinth level of the substructure during construction.

It includes soil treatment with authorised chemicals in water emulsion in foundation trenches for columns, plinth beams, plinth filling, wall-floor joints, expansion joints, and other stages as specified in IS 6313 Part-II 2013.

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Anti-termite treatment chemicals used as per IS 8944 are:

CHLORO-PYRIPHOS 20 % EC @ 1 percent concentration in aqueous emulsion.

Imidacloprid 30.50 % SC @ 0.075 percent.

What is Pre Construction Anti termite treatment?

Pre Construction Anti Termite treatment is performed prior to the completion of the building. The soil, building pillars, and other joints are treated with chemicals to prevent termites in this anti-termite treatment.

The most effective technique to avoid termite attack in buildings or residences is to apply anti-termite treatment before to construction. Chemicals are used to treat the soil beneath the foundation. To keep termites out of the structure, a chemical barrier is created between the ground and the foundation brickwork.


Time of application

When to apply anti termite procedure on soil

  • • Soil treatment for anti termite should begin when foundation trenches and pits are ready.
  • • After the chemical emulsion has been absorbed by the soil and the surface is completely dry, mass concrete should be laid.
  • • When it is raining or the soil is wet with rain or sub-soil water, treatment should be avoided.
  • • The above rules also apply to the treatment of the filled earth surface inside the plinth area prior to installing the floor subgrade.
  • • The treated soil barriers must not be disturbed once they have been established.
  • • If treated soil barriers are accidentally disrupted, immediate actions must be taken to restore the barrier system’s continuity and completeness.