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Our service combines the most advanced technology and methods available today. his means your customized plan is designed to get pests out of your home and keep them out year-round.

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Treatment for Common Pest

Find out more about KPC's solutions for common pests in homes and businesses. Contact us online by Email to solution@kolkatapestcontrol.com or call us at 0-9836681969 to avail a pest survey of your premise.

Leaving pests in your house (not getting rid of them) is like inviting them to breed and multiply and take over your entire property! Moreover, these creepy pests bring along health hazards and spoil the beauty of your expensive furniture and home interiors.

Ideally, the moment you detect some early signs of pest infestation at home, you must consider booking a pest-control service immediately from a professional company like Kolkata Pest Control.

If you choose professional pest control services from Kolkata PestC ontrol, be rest assured of a proper step-by-step procedure for complete pest removal. Depending on the type of pest removal service you book, the professionals will perform the following essential steps: Step 1: Pest testing or detection Step 2: Setting up traps to catch pests like rodents Step 3: Drilling holes where pests are detected and applying pest-control solutions to kill pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, and wood borers Step 4: Sealing the cracks and holes with white cement Step 5: Cleaning the mess of the dead pests and debris that comes out after the pest-control treatment

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Why Need Pest Control?

Pest control provides protection from harmful insects that can cause public health issues and costly damages to property. When people hear “pest management” or “pest control”, they are typically thinking about the eradication of roaches, a spiders, or fleas. Actually, pest management is involved with the safety of our health, our foods and the protection of our property. It is vital to have a system of control for pests for the safety of the overall public. The pest management industry is large, with over 15,000 companies serving the public and approximately 150,000 pest control service personnel. Kolkata Pest Control is a one of the companies in Khardah provide right solution. Kolkata Pest Control KPC is provide local base service through all over Khardah.

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Pest Management Package for Resident and Commercial

Kolkata Pest Control

Termite Management

INR 951.00 One Time

Drilling Service
Spray Service
Minimum 600sqft.
After 600sqft. Rs/-1.5p per squire feet
Warranty 1 Year

Call: +91 9836681969

Kolkata Pest Control

General Pest Control

INR 951 One Time

Gel Baiting
Spary Service
Cake Service
After 600sqft. Rs/-1.5p per squire feet
Warranty 1 Year

Call: +91 9836681969
Kolkata Pest Control

Bed Bug Service

INR 951 One Time

Spray Service
Powder Service
Minimum 2 Beds
After 2 Beds Rs/-100 per bed
Warranty 1 Year

Call: +91 9836681969


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