How Does Kolkata Pest Control Home and Commercial Services Get Rid of Rodents?

A rodent’s natural habitat is outside of your home, but in colder or very hot months your attic or wall voids are a much more comfortable and safer place. Rodents can find their way into your home through holes as small as 1/8 of an inch. If their heads can fit through it their bodies can squeeze in. Kolkata Pest Control Home and Commercial Services will identify all of these holes around your property and seal them up. We go beyond trapping and removing because we want to make sure rodents are taken out and stay out. We also offer a warranty on our work, so every year we will come out and make sure all holes are still sealed, identify any new entry points and fix those for you as well.  

Rodent Control Faq

Rodents can occasionally be spotted running along the corner of the house. Nocturnal in nature, they secrete cylindrically shaped droppings. Nibble marks on food and furniture, squeaky annoying sound from attic are few other signs that need immediate attention. A Rodent Pest control company should be called as soon as you spot a rodent or the signs of their activity.
Sticky Traps are flat pads/robust sheets of cardboard covered in a sticky glue with a bait in the middle for the rats. The Sticky Glue sticks to the limbs of the rat when it tries to acquire the bait, trapping them in the process.
Cheese, Fried Fish and bread crumbs are usually used as baits for the Sticky Traps by Hicare. Peanut butter, fruits and vegetables also make for good alternatives.
To start off with, these Rodent traps can be placed anywhere while pesticides could have side effects on allergic and sensitive people. Sticky Traps are certainly the best option for getting rid of rats especially in highly sensitive areas like kitchen, kitchen cabinets, restaurants and hospitals.
Once the mouse is caught in our rodent pest control setup, there is no way it will be able to escape through that trap. Yet depending on the situation, the mouse may be alive for a certain amount of time or would die immediately if it gets its mouth stuck to the adhesive and suffocates to death.
The Sticky traps, after a strict inspection, will be placed strategically in the corners where the chances of rodent entrapment are high but away from children’s and pet’s usual play area. Although, if the glue does touch the human skin, it can be removed easily with vegetable or mineral oil. Our technicians will make sure that the rat traps are concealed in such a way that they are not easily accessible to kids and pets.