Termite Control in Kolkata

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage annually. Termites take up residence in homes, businesses and other dwellings. They feed on wood, paper, insulation and can even interfere with your foundation. When looking for termite control, Kolkata homeowners choose Kolkata Pest Control Home and Commercial Services’ Signature Service because we use the nation’s top-rated termite control treatments to eliminate termites from your property.

How does Kolkata Pest Control Home and Commercial Services treat for termites?

After our technicians perform the initial inspection and recommend a course of action, we immediately apply treatments to the affected areas to eliminate existing colonies and prevent further damage.
The main product Kolkata Pest Control Home and Commercial Services uses for termite control is Sentricon, which is a bait system installed in stations placed in the ground around your home’s perimeter. Since termites constantly forage to nourish the colony, Sentricon’s cellulose-based bait offers a tastier alternative to the wood in your home. If you want to protect your home from termite activity, these stations will act as a highly-effective preventative barrier against these highly destructive pests.
The pheromone tracks that termites lay encourage other members of the colony to visit the bait stations. Termites return to the colony to share the bait with the other members, including the queen. The active ingredient in Sentricon, Noviflumuron, stops the insect’s molting process. Since termites need to molt periodically to survive, the termite will live long enough to share the bait with the other members of the colony before dying. 
Additional advantages of Sentricon:
  • Sentricon is scientifically proven to eliminate the entire termite colony, including the queen.
  • Creates a barrier around your entire home with stations placed every 10 ft. to optimize termite contact within the baited stations.
  • Works 24/7/365 from the day that it goes in the ground around your home.
  • ABC Home and Commercial Services is one of only 3% of all pest companies across the US with access to Sentricon. This means we can provide expert and quality service to ensure we protect your home from termite attacks.

Termite Control Faq

No home is termite safe. They enter homes from building foundation and hence cause damage to walls and wooden structures. Termites eat furniture, papers, books, and even documents kept in lockers and safe causing colossal damage within few months. Homes with water seepage and dampness are more prone to termite attack. Termite workers storm our property in millions and they work 24 x 7. Kolkata Pest Control’s professional termite control will completely kill even the last termite present; within fifteen days your property will be termite-free.
Termites need moisture for their survival, hence damp walls, leakage and water seepage are like an open invitation for them.
Always invest in a preventive termite treatment to protect your valuables, because being safe is always better than being sorry! While shifting into a new house or apartment get a professional termite inspection and invest into a preventive termite control service. While looking for houses on rent ensure to get a termite inspection to safeguard your furniture and other valuables. Old furniture is prone to termite attack so it’s good to get an expert termite inspection.
Termites feed on cellulose found in wood, paper & cotton in forests. As forests disappear, termites are entering our homes from the soil through walls to eat furniture, structural wood, paper, books, currency notes and even valuable documents kept in safe and lockers. If your society and building does an unprofessional termite control or anti termite treatment at foundation level, chances are you will get termite at home. Homes with water seepage and dampness are more prone to termite attack. Book collections and libraries at homes attract termites. They are so swift and quiet that the damage is done before you even know of their presence. Hence termite inspection should be done every few months. Termites usually build multiple colonies. So even if you have found one and have managed to eradicate it, there is a good chance they are already busy destroying some other part of your home.
Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood, paper, cotton and on trees in the forest. As forests disappear they invade our homes, from the soil through the walls to feast on our books, papers and furniture. Even currency notes and valuable documents in safe are not free from them.
An average 2BHK home will take approximately 2 hours for treatment and home décor is not affected as we seal the holes perfectly.