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Last Update: 03-05-2023 : 00.31am

Customer undertakes to ensure the co-operation of the residents/employees/members of the society/corporate/residence as the case may be for moving the furniture to enable KPC Kolkata Pest Control Authorized Service to carry out treatment. All rooms/cabins/flats in the house/society/corporate as the case may be should be made available for servicing as and when KPC Kolkata Pest Control calls on his visit. Failure to do so will be treated as a service rendered and no refund shall accrue on his account.

Every visit by KPC Kolkata Pest Control will be made within reasonable time from receipt of an enquiry and will be made during working hours of KPC Kolkata Pest Control Department and no visits will be made on Holidays. In the event such a service is provided additional amount will be charged.

If at any time during the contract period the “Pest” against which the service is provided reappears subject to compliances and observations of the conditions and instructions thereto in the contracted premises the company shall carry out necessary service at no additional cost.

Children, pets, senior citizen, asthmatic, allergic people should not be allowed during service and before thorough cleaning of the treated premises.;

Company shall not be liable for damages, death, injuries or any consequential damage of what so ever nature to any person or property, by using the service.

The contract is for providing services in the premises covered under the contract. In the event of change of address a fresh contract needs to be entered into for providing the service as the case may be with payment of additional fees.

Contract charges are payable by Cheque / DD favoring “Gensplore Infotech Private Limited” in advance and payment shall accompany signed copy of the contract and such payment shall be released before commencement of contract period. Becase Kolkata Pest Control is now control by Gensplore Infotech Private Limited from 2022.

In the event of any complaint, customers are requested to provide their name, address and contact number to the authorized Call Center. Copy of contract & receipt will have to be retained and produced to enable Gensplore Infotech Private Limited Present Kolkata Pest Control Expert to verify & provide service.

Customer undertakes to keep a representative and/or the person present at all times while the treatment is being carried out as a matter of safety and/or the security to avoid any allegations of what so ever nature and such a representative / person shall be treated as the signing authority for service contract form in whose presence the treatment is carried out.

Company Disclaimer: Customer may receive Transactional / Promotional SMS or calls from Gensplore Infotech Present Kolkata Pest Control.

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