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Pest Control Company in Kolkata West Bengal

“Kolkata Pest Control”  established in 2009 at Kolkata West Bengal.

Kolkata Pest Control is the leading pest management company started with sole aim of providing one stop solution against all types of house hold pests.

We can provide service to any kind of premises from residential to commercial premises like society, Malls, Food processing units, Hotels, dairy projects, any type of company and any type of structure. We are providing service all over in West Bengal.

Pest Control Services in Kolkata provided by us are customer friendly and by using innovative chemicals which are recommended by WHO. All pests are directly or indirectly related to human being and cause so much loss both in terms of health & wealth.

Always the loss caused by the pest is more in terms of money than the cost of solution; therefore it is always advisable to take the action at right time. We have the right solution for all these pests. Our professional Technical team is well aware of the life cycle of House hold pest, cause of problem & it’s perfect remedy to solve the pest problem & provide the customer a satisfied service. So let us work together to provide a protective cover to you, your family and your property.

West Bengal Pesticide Licence

Pesticide Licence: 3773

ISO Certificated

ISO 9001 Certified

WhatsApp: 7003709530


Frequently Ask The Question of Pest Control

Termites, rats, ants, rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are the major concern in Kolkata and need to be removed as quickly as possible as they can cause major health issues such as plague, dengue, malaria, typhoid, and other deadly diseases.

Pest control cost depends on various parameters:

  • What for is you taking the service: Like Cockroach, spider, Mosquito, termite, bedbugs etc.
  • Level of infestation: Means how much amount the pest is in your premise, Low, Medium or High.
  • Area of the premise: How much area of your premise.
  • Type of premise: Old or New building, Commercial or residential.
  • Locality: where the premise is in.
  • Season: When do you want to take service
  • Time: Your preferred time is a key factor, whether is it in day time or in Night, weekdays or weekend.
  • Cost of Chemical/products
  • Expertise Expense
  • Cost of Conveyance
  • Cost of overhead

On every occasion, the price depends on value. Value depends on quality. Quality depends on so many parameters. Those parameters depend on hundreds of factors. However, pest control added value to your life. Life is beyond everything and keeps safe not only from various vector-borne diseases and insect-borne diseases but also from financial damages. So, definitely, it is not expensive in any domain.

The methodology of pest control can be carried out into eight methods

  1. Spraying

  2. Gelling

  3. Baiting

  4. Dust Application

  5. Trapping

  6. Catching

  7. Mechanical Batting

  8. Fogging

Call a pest control professional for a pest audit. A certified pest controller will do a step-by-step inspection to help you to solve your pest issue. Free Pest Control Inspection: Only an entomologist/ pest control executive can identify the pest with a various techniques like smell, habitat, dropping, body parts, sounds, signs, footprints, dead or live pests etc. He can identify the source of infestations of insect pests or reptiles, where they are lived in and breed in and level of infestation, entry points. Free Recommendations: He can help with the following: what needs to do to control, how to control, how much time it will take, what should be frequency. Free Customize Estimate: Moreover he can give an estimate for these.

Pest control companies in Kolkata use the following methods to get remove the pest from homes or offices –

  1. Poisoned bait
  2. Household organic sprays
  3. Fumigation
  4. Heat treatment
  5. Disinfectants
  6. Herbicides
  7. Pesticides and insecticides

The pest control services should be availed within a minimum response time. We in Kolkata Pest Control use to respond on the very time and service must be carried out in the next 24 hours. Our service will be non-toxic & hassle-free.

Although there is no unique dedicated name for this profession, most people are called pest control professionals, technicians, or simply exterminators. The latter one sounds cool and can be easily pronounced well. Try one.

A good pest control company employs organic ways of pests elimination, which doesn’t harm the environment. Kolkata Pest Control is one such company that eliminates all the pests in your home/ office or surroundings with their special pest management techniques.

Places like Kolkata have a climate that favors pest production. These places get infected by these insects, which may damage the life stocks and also cause illness. To protect yourself & your loved ones, you should employ a pest control service in Kolkata that facilitates eliminating the pests through their different pest management activities.

Certain places like Kolkata are a favorable breeding ground for pests like ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rats. These insects damage your home or office resources and may also pose a threat to your health. When you feel that they are damaging a major chunk of your resources or are communicating diseases, you should immediately seek the support of any good pest management service in India.

Pest Control Service Near Me

Main Branch:

18 PK Biswas Road, Khardaha, Near Mahaprabhu Mondir Kolkata:700117
Sub Service Statoin Barrackpore
A/B Anandapuri, Barrackpore, Kolkata:700120 Ph.9836681969
Sub Service Statoin Naihati
8 Bijoynagar, Naihati, West Bengal 743165 Ph.9836681969
Sub Service Statoin Chinsurah
Rathtala Ramkrishna Bye Lane, Chinsurah, West Bengal 712103 Ph.9836681969
Sub Service Statoin Halisahar
monosha tala, lane 612, Maszid Bati Rd, Kumorpara, Halisahar, Kanchrapara, West Bengal 743145 Ph.9836681969
Sub Service Statoin Ballygunge
8/21 Farn Road, Ballygunge Kolkata:700019 Ph.9836681969
Sub Service Statoin Behala
Parnasree Palli, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700060 Ph.9836681969
Sub Service Statoin Howrah
15/6/6, Abinash Banerjee Ln, Naora, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal 711102 Ph.9836681969
Sub Service Statoin Andul
bus stop, Brojonath Lahiri Ln, near jana ghate, Santragachhi, Baruipara, Ichapur, Howrah, West Bengal 711104 Ph.9836681969
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