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About Kolkata Pest Control

Kolkata Pest Control KPC is a Kolkata based pest solution provider, providing complete pest solutions from your home and office by following international stander service protocol using recommended human friendly chemicals to all West Bengal.Offers a comprehensive and professional pest management service deliver by experience and trained service professionals under strict quality control supervision by the company. We use pesticide or chemicals as per BIS specification which give highest efficacy, at a competitive price and delivered by highly skilled service professionals resulting in hassle free pest solution for your home and office. Kolkata Pest Control KPC is a part of prestigious ‘BAYER NETWORK OF PEST MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS’. It means every job executed by us has Technical and Quality support by world leader in the field of chemicals and insecticide ‘BAYER CORP SCIENCE’, GERMANY.

Kolkata Pest Control KPC

Pest control provides protection from harmful insects that can cause public health issues and costly damages to property in Kolkata. When people hear “pest management” or “pest control”, they are typically thinking about the eradication of roaches, termite, bed bug, spiders, or fleas.

Our Mission

To provide the best pest management services to the community in which we serve in the most professional & safe manner with cost effective solution around all West Bengal through.

Our Vision

To provide the best pest management services to the community in which we serve in the most professional & safe manner with cost effective solution around all West bengal through.

Our Value

As a service providing company, we believe in customer first self-last approach.



Our Pest Control Services
Kolkata Pest Control

We always try our best to make it easier to find all the information you are looking for. We have been helping our Raleigh and surrounding area residents and businesses with their pest control needs in Kolkata, including Mosquito Control and Termites Control, for over 15 years. We have gathered the most common questions that we have received, and we answered them for you. The following is a list of questions and answers at your disposal. If you could not find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 987-44-88220 or use our contact form.

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How Long Does Pest Control Take?
Pest Control Duration

It depends case-by-case. Certain pests take longer to deal with than others, and certain homes are larger and more complicated to service than others. Some treatments may only take 30 minutes while others may take up to 8 hours depending on the severity and type of treatment that is needed.

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Is Pest Control Really Necessary?

If you’re inquiring about pest inspection and/or pest control, chances are you’ve tried to solve the issue yourself. While taking things into your own hands is great in some instances, pest control almost always requires more strategy and attention than you can give it. More often than not, homeowners tend to lack the expertise and time to handle most pest-related situations that are commonly encountered in or around a home or business. If you’d like to nip your pest control problem in the bud right now, call us today at 987-448-8220

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