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We see our company as family. We see our customers as an extension of our family. We see pests as... well, let's just say they're not part of the family. Point being, we take our commitment to protect you and your family very seriously. That's why we offer the highest-trained professionals to handle all your residential pest control concerns.

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We offer powerful, proven commercial pest control services backed by our guarantee. After 10 years, no one knows the enemy like we do. We'll put every ounce of that experience to work for you in creating an effective defense against pests.

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There’s no room for pests when someone’s health is on the line. Patients, nurses, doctors, and staff expect your hospital or clinic to be a completely pest free environment for safety, sanitation, and compliance. We want you to be worry-free and pest-free — that’s why Catseye will create health care pest management procedures that are customized to your hospital or health care facility.

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Know Our Common Pest Control Service

    We have the effective solutions to shut down spiders, cockroaches, ants and more. Guaranteed.

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    We can put termites and termite worries behind you and protect you against future infestations.

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    Don't see your problem above? Check out our other services, or call us at 9239042127.

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    Everyone knows mosquitoes can cause welts and severe itching, preventing you and your family from enjoying the outdoors. But they're more than just a nuisance — they can make heading outside a risk.

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  • Rodent Control
    Rodents and their parasites spread many dreaded diseases like plague, typhus, rat-bite fever and acute food poisoning. Rats and mice not only contaminate food and spread diseases, but also gnaw through walls and electrical wiring, making them among the most destructive of all pests that can invade your business. Our Pest Specialist will address the problem at every level, from perimeter areas and entry points to nesting sites and beyond.

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Is pest control safe for children pets, elderly and pregnant women?
Kolkata Pest Control is a government certified pest control and uses government approved world Bayer chemicals for pest control services that is safe for all.
Can I get pest control done if I have allergies?
Kolkata Pest Control chemicals are absolutely safe for people will allergies as the right chemicals are used in the right dosage by our expert technicians.
How frequently should I be getting pest control done?
When it comes to cockroaches it’s important to have pest control done at regular interval round the year, hence our services are designed to service your home every quarter. For other pest control services you can choose the frequency as per the infestation levels.
What all pests are covered in our service?
We provide pest control services for all major pests frequently found in your homes round the year like - cockroaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Dengue Mosquitoes, Wood Borer and Rodents.
What all pests are covered in our service?
We provide pest control services for all major pest frequently found in your homes like - cockroaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Dengue Mosquitoes, Wood Borer and Rodents.
How soon can I start to see results?
In most cases you can see visible results in 2 weeks’ time. All our services are designed to ensure that you do not get repeat infestation so the reduction in pest starts from week 2 onwards for most services.
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